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​A somewhat interesting and rarely touched upon topic that I would like to discuss today is about builders in Manchester. While the services that builders provide and specifically, the quality of work that they carry out are very important within the industry, many do not realise the number of different factors that come into the builder’s professions and industry. Builders are painted with a very broad brush both here in the city of Manchester, and the United Kingdom. I find this both interesting and somewhat disappointing, since we personally employ many differently qualified and specialised workers. The workforce has many different specialisations and talents, making the industry unique. While we can’t employ a worker that may be trained in a speciality that we cannot use, I do think it is still an interesting subject.

What kind of builders are in Manchester?

When looking for a building and construction company for a specific project you have in the city of Manchester, you would find that they hire a variety of different builder’s occupations. The most common that you might come across during the construction phase of your projects are often electricians, glaziers, plasterers, plumbers, carpet layers, carpenters, scaffolders, steel fixers and labourers. These are the most common that you would see on smaller construction projects such as a home extension or a home addition. You may even come across builders that would complement these projects such as an insulator or a mason. These professionals are often tasked with the “smaller” construction jobs that do not require the construction of an entire property.

If you are considering a service such as a new home build or new office build, then you would also see these same professionals. However, you would also see additional professions that are more tailored towards larger projects. Some of these professions would include heavy equipment operators, elevator mechanics, linemen, boiler makers, millwrights, water-proofers, pile drivers and many others. These are for construction projects that are of a larger nature that need a very specialised touch, and often these professions require many years of on the job and theoretical training because of the sensitive and important nature of their work. They are also professions which play a major role in the development of large construction projects, so their jobs become increasingly more important the longer a project may take.

What builders can I hire in Manchester?

​There are also professions that you may not have considered as builders, but play just as important a role within the industry itself. One such example would be a welder, or a house painter and decorator. The painters and decorators specifically are very important for any building and construction company to work with, since they play a large role in the overall look and aesthetics of the completed project. Another good example of this would be a landscaper, whose job consists of the design and curation of a front or back garden. It may sound like another profession that is not important, but they are a key part for builders to change the look and feel of a home for those inside and outside. With a good painter and decorator and a similarly good landscaper, you can make any home within the city of Manchester look amazing with no effort from the home owner.

There are many builders that may not get the attention or respect that they deserve, but every profession within our industry is important to us personally. We feel that despite what the average person may think, every role is as important as the next because of the level of work and the overall contribution into the project they provide. Each builder is just as important as the next to ensure that the builders project is completed timely, efficiently and effectively. If you enjoyed today’s blog post, then please make sure you read our previous post and the next post coming. Here at Manchester Builders & Construction, we love our workforce and we hope that if you ever need a small or large building project completed, you consider us!

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