Commercial Renovations in Manchester

Here at Manchester Builders & Construction, we know that we are based in the heart of one of the oldest and most culturally and architecturally beautiful cities in the entire world, making commercial renovations that much more important. Being based in such a large and historical city, it is only natural that there are many commercial buildings as the city grew. Manchester, United Kingdom is becoming one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, and there are many commercial buildings that have been around for a few decades already. That is why we have begun to offer our services as a commercial property renovator and restoration expert. We have worked on a few commercial buildings providing commercial renovations in the past, helping to bring the former glory back to those same commercial properties. We build new commercial properties in and around Manchester such as Salford, Droylsden, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Cheetham Hill, Rusholme, Moston, Burnage, Trafford, Stretford, Pendlebury, Failsworth, Withington and more.

Why should you renovate your commercial property?

Most of the commercial properties that need a commercial renovation in the 2010’s are older office blocks. Due to the large migration of both skilled workers and the building of commercial properties in the past, we have had an influx of commercial properties. With the building of new commercial properties however, the older office blocks have begun to be mismanaged or not taken as good care for them as they used to, making commercial renovations useful. Whether it is through not maintaining the building throughout the years or not making the necessary repairs, older commercial buildings are often forgotten about structurally and in terms of maintenance. Considering Manchester, United Kingdom is such a lovely city with so much history, it only seems right to ensure that these magnificent buildings are maintained and repaired to their utmost. ​ A commercial property can take a while and be relatively expensive to repair and renovate depending on the damages that the building has suffered, making commercial renovations useful for health and safety concerns. If the property has not received repairs or any type of maintenance throughout the years, there are chances that the structure itself has been weakened. If the damages and the wear and tear are bad, it may require us to reconstruct sections of the building and replace or renovate some of the more damaged parts of the structure. This is important for two main reasons. The first reason being that repairing and renovating these damages are important for the overall strength of the structure, but also the strength and stability of the building itself. The second main reason is that aesthetically, renovation of an older or damaged building make the whole property look nicer and more attractive to be inside. ​ You would also want a commercial renovation if you want to be proud of your commercial property. That is why you need commercial renovations if your building is old.
Commercial Renovations in Manchester
Commercial Renovations in Manchester

Within the city of Manchester, commercial renovations can be relatively inexpensive to complete from start to finish. Here at Manchester Builders & Construction, we have completed many of these projects and have been able to calculate the average cost of these renovations on a square metre basis. Since many commercial properties are built in different shapes and sizes, it is difficult to be able to give a by storey average cost, or a general average cost for one of these renovations. However, our builders in Manchester have calculated that the average cost for a commercial property renovation should fall between £150 – £200 per m2, which includes planning and all work completion. The average cost of these property renovations in Manchester should be 180 per m2. Commercial renovations are so important if your property is damaged or considered derelict, as it can make an immediate difference on value and morale within the office.

How long does a commercial renovation take in Manchester?

​We have the best builders Manchester offer, and they have been able to calculate the average completion time for a commercial renovation project on a per-storey basis. While it is difficult to give general averages due to the many variations in the sizes of different commercial properties, on a floor by floor basis, it is a bit easier to find a general average for completion time on the office floor, and even on additional facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens and more. For a one storey commercial property, a renovation should take anywhere from 8 – 18 weeks, with the average commercial renovation taking 12 weeks to complete from planning to finish. This is based on the commercial property not being extremely large. You could also add the same average per storey for a commercial property. For example, a two-storey commercial property renovation within the city of Manchester should take 24 weeks on average from start to finish.

Other benefits from a commercial renovation with Manchester Builders & Construction

​There is a direct correlation realised between the building and working environment, and employee morale and productivity. The benefit of an increase in morale and productivity within the workplace will also pay you back just as much as the increase in property value. Since employees do work more efficiently, the chances are that you would see a return in investment from the increased productivity. What is also important to note is that when you are inside a cleaner environment, you automatically feel better since the building seems clean and fresh. The opposite also applies, and when you are in a building that you find to be dirty or displeasing then you automatically feel uncomfortable. That is part of the importance of a commercial renovation.

What is more important however, is the increase of property value within the commercial building that comes with a renovation. Since the building would have already went under the maintenance, repairs and renovation that would have been necessary when selling a commercial property, that would have automatically been taken from the asking price when selling the property. On top of this, you would probably have sold the building for less than the difference due to first impressions. What you would spend on the renovation is still cheaper than the amount of profit you would lose in property value.

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