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Basement Conversions Manchester

​One of the less common services that we are requested to complete by customers are basement and garage conversions. There are not many homes within the Manchester area that are fitted with basements to be converted, while most home owners use their garages for their personal vehicles. However, if you have invested heavily into your residential property, then you may have begun to run out of physical space to extend further outwards. You may also be rejected for planning permission to build an extension upwards of your home. If either of these are the case, then you would have to consider other ways to find and create additional living space within your home without massive structural changes. Luckily, apart from loft conversions, there are garage and basement conversion options for you. Depending on what you need, these may be suitable for you.

Loft Conversions in Manchester

​The price for a basement conversion in Manchester can vary wildly depending on what work your project needs to be completed, and the scope of the project itself. While it is obvious that the larger the basement the higher the budget necessary to complete, there are a few factors that we must keep in mind before a specific estimate can be made. For example, if your basement conversion requires new basement space to be dug out and underpinned, or if any lowering of the floor level needs to be completed, the price of the basement conversion will naturally increase. If large construction work is necessary for your projects design to be completed safely and securely, then the overall budget could increase by triple what it otherwise would. If you are looking for a simple conversion without additional space, then you would be looking at a much lower price.

For the conversion of an existing basement or cellar, you would be paying anywhere between £800-£1,300 per square metre of space within your basement in Manchester. This varies depending on any construction that we may have to make for your specifications and plumbing, electricity and other such factors. Within this budget also includes labour hours for those who will be completing the conversion. If you are looking for a conversion that also required the lowering of floor levels and underpinning the existing cellar space, it would cost £1,500 – £2,000 per square metre in Manchester. This is due to the construction work that would have to take place for completion. Finally, if you are looking to create a basement space, it would cost £2,000 – £3,000 per square metre in Manchester. Since our builders would need to work extensively during the construction stages of the conversion, it is natural for labour costs and raw materials to be the largest factor.

How long does a basement conversion take in Manchester?

​Another piece of information that is often requested by customers in Manchester is how long a basement conversion would take from start to finish. Now, this is a difficult topic to give a specific estimate on since most properties basements have been built differently, and it really depends on the project that you would like completed. However, there are very rough averages I can provide from our builder’s experience working on basement conversions. A straightforward basement conversion would take anywhere from 6 – 10 weeks if construction is not required on the property and the basement itself. If the floor level needs to be lowered and underpinned, then it could take anywhere from 8 – 14 weeks dependent on the overall workload necessary. Finally, if you are looking to construct a completely new basement, then the process from construction to overall finish can be anywhere from 12 – 24 weeks. These time bands are estimates based on jobs we have completed in the past, but we would be able to give you a specific estimate during consultation.

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