Home Extensions Manchester

Home Extensions Manchester

Here at Manchester Builders & construction, we often complete home extensions along with our new builds. One of the most recent jobs we completed was a home extension in south Manchester. Without going into too much detail about locations and the project itself for the customers discretion, the extension itself was straightforward while also being somewhat creative with the design itself inside. The home that we had underwent the project on had already converted their loft, and already had an extension on the other side of the home. They wanted to get an extension on the other half to fix a guest bedroom rather than an empty space. The loft conversion they had gotten was specifically for a hobby and storage room, so I guess they needed more space and didn’t want to remodel their loft conversion.

Constructing the home extension

​The construction of the extension itself was relatively straightforward since they wanted a square shaped room which is the common request. Since it was the side of the home too, all we had to do was knock down space within the existent wall to create space for a door way and then lay the foundations for the extension once that was complete. I don’t know how much our customers know about the general process of home extensions, but it’s a relatively simple service for builders. Builders simply knock down the existent wall, or knock down the hole in the centre of the wall to create a door. The way I like to complete my home extensions however, is by starting the construction of the extension and additional living space before knocking the wall down. I like to get a general feeling for how the room will come together before I decide to alter any of the existing home, as this also gives time for the home owner to reconsider their choice and us as builders must allow the customer the choice.

Builders often come to the point within the construction process where they should start considering where the furniture and additions will go after completion of the extension project. Since the goal is to ensure safe and comfortable living space for the customer, you need to take into consideration where the customer would put their furniture, and if they required any additions or fixtures to be put within the extension, how they will be implemented. It really depends on what the customer is looking for, but that is also part of the process for the builders. If we notice anything wrong or potential issues that could be created throughout the process, then we should try to fix it.

Additional home extension thoughts

​Luckily for this home extension, we could accurately estimate where the customer wanted to place all fixtures and additions. As a builder, this is something that I was really pleased about. I have worked as a builder for a long time in Manchester and I’m friendly with a lot of my previous customers either through getting to know them during construction, or even before hand through various circles. I like to think of builders in Manchester especially as a part of the community since we built the homes (not us specifically) that they live in. It gives me a nice sense of community and allows me to get along with the customers a lot more. So, when I get my job perfectly right like with this home extension, it comes with a sense of price that I could do such a great job.

Builders in Manchester are good for the most part, but I sincerely believe that we at Manchester Builders & Construction are the best builders Manchester offer. We are professional and reliable and we really do take every project as if it is our own home we are working on. With this home extension, I made sure from start to finish to take the customers feelings, vision and viewpoint for the entire project and I think it benefited me more than I could imagine. It’s something I will continue to do while I am a builder in Manchester.

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