Loft Conversions in Manchester

Loft conversions is where we as a company started and have become the most proficient at. Here at Manchester Builders we have become one of the best companies to work in the areas of Salford, Droylsden, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Withington, Rusholme, Moston, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Trafford, Stretford, Pendlebury, Failsworth and others. We do our utmost to understand the needs that you have as a customer. We understand that if you are converting your loft, you have a specific vision and a dream in mind for that room so we do everything to understand that vision and make it become a reality. The project of a loft conversion is an incredibly delicate one, and that is why we take our utmost care while we are working on our projects.

Why Choose Us To Convert Your Loft?

A good question that we like to ask ourselves and for customers to ask us is why choose us for your loft conversion? We believe that the answer is simple. Very few companies in the UK have as much experience as us working on lofts, and quite frankly we can assist you through all parts of the loft conversion process. We can assist you from the designs of the room and the calculations all the way to the furniture that you should select in the room and what materials and colours the furniture should be. We can give you many options for additions in the room from lighting fixtures to natural lighting options like skylights and windows. We can even assist with adding Juliet balconies to your loft. We have also worked on a variety of loft conversion projects and have completed any rooms you could imagine. We have turned lofts into sauna and steam rooms or wet rooms. We have created hobby rooms for customers like a video games room with a theatre set up. We have even created offices and studies for customers. Whatever possible designs or room you could think of, you can also ensure we have completed at some time in our careers. What is important to us as a company is that you see your vision come to life and you are satisfied as a customer. All of our employees are certified in the industry but they have also received training in customer service to ensure that through every step of the process you are as relaxed, comfortable and pleased as possible. Not only in terms of the lofts that have been converted, but also interacting with us throughout the process.
Time taken for loft conversion in Manchester
Loft Conversions in Manchester

Loft conversions within the city of Manchester are relatively quick to complete compared to other extension options that are available for you to complete, and some are comparable in speed to garage conversions. Hip to gables are the faster loft conversions to complete on average, with dormer taking the second longest, and mansard loft conversions being the overall longest to complete from start to construction to finish. Our builders in Manchester have completed many, and we can give an accurate timescale for each loft conversion project.

Mansard loft conversions are the largest conversions to complete, and take the longest to complete from start to finish. They can take anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks to complete construction, with the average mansard taking on average 8 weeks to complete within the city of Manchester. This includes from the start of planning to construction of the mansard itself. The mansard conversion itself could take longer to complete depending on the overall size of the extension itself.
For hip to gable loft conversions, the timescale for completion is much faster. They take anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks to complete from planning to construction, and they take 5 weeks to complete. These are must faster than most conversion options, and 5 weeks could still be considered a longer hip to gable conversion.

Dormer loft conversions in the city of Manchester take 6 weeks to complete on average from the start of planning to the completion of construction. However, they could realistically take anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks to complete depending on the size and scope of the project. Manchester Builders & Construction have completed many loft conversions within the city of Manchester, and these averages are the most accurate that you would find elsewhere.

How much does a loft conversion cost in Manchester?

Manchester Builders & Construction are one of the premier loft conversion companies within the city and surrounding areas. Within the Manchester area, it is hard to give an accurate estimate of a loft conversion because of the multiple types of loft conversions, and the multiple time scales that they provide themselves. Mansard, hip to gable and dormer loft conversions all range in price largely due to the sizes and work of the projects themselves, meaning the price of a loft conversion can cost anywhere between £16,000 - £50,000 to complete.

Mansard loft conversions are the largest loft conversion type, and they can cost £30,000 - £50,000 to complete depending on the size extensions that are required, and the conversion itself. The average mansard loft conversion in Manchester would cost £35,000 to complete since many of the projects we have provided did not need to extend too far. The more additional space you need to extend and the more rooms that you would like to create, the higher the cost.

Hip to gable loft conversions require the least construction of all loft conversion projects, and simply maximise the current space within the loft itself. These can cost anywhere between £16,000 - £25,000 to complete efficiently and effectively, with the average in Manchester costing £20,000 to complete. The cost of hip to gable loft conversions in Manchester often rise due to the additions and fixtures you may want to be installed.

A dormer loft conversion is the final loft conversion alternative, which can both utilise the current space within the loft itself, and create a small extension to create additional space. These can cost anywhere between £20,000 - £35,000 to complete, and on average a dormer loft conversion would cost £27,000 within the city of Manchester.

Our builders in Manchester have completed many of each loft conversion, and these averages are completely based on projects we have personally priced and completed. They should not reach too close to the maximum price unless additional space or fixtures are needed.

We know that the prices for a loft conversion with another loft conversion company or builders can be very expensive, which is why here at Manchester Builders we make sure that not only will you not find cheaper, but the loft conversion itself will be completed in a professional and efficient manner and better than any one of our competitors. Your home means a lot to you, but the projects that we complete mean more to us since we not only stake our reputation on our jobs but we know that you as a customer deserve the best possible service. That is why we offer the best service above any other builders in Manchester, United Kingdom. We also make sure that the costs come back to you from the loft conversion in property value so if you ever do decide to sell your home, you will make your money back and more in profits.

So, if you would like any more information or would like a free, non-obligation consultation with us then please give us a call on 01614100526 and we here at Manchester Builders will make your loft conversion dreams come true! We can convert any loft in the areas of Salford, Droylsden, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Withington, Rusholme, Moston, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Trafford, Stretford, Pendlebury, Failsworth & anywhere else in Manchester, United Kingdom.