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New Build Home in Manchester

The most rapidly growing service that is provided by builders in Manchester in 2017 is the new build. This is regarding both residential and commercial properties, with residential new builds growing by ten-fold over the last year. This has become something that we at Manchester Builders & Construction complete often now. That is why it would be of no surprise to any reader that we have completed more than our fair share in the last few years and especially this year. The most interesting fact about the new build service is that some customers aren’t even in Manchester to oversee the build. Many property developers have begun to commission builders and construction firms such as us to complete these new builds remotely. Others are property developers or home owners who would like to construct a home in their vision to also suit their or potential buyer’s recommendations. While in the future we will discuss some commercial new builds we have completed, today I wanted to discuss some of the residential new builds we have completed!

Construction of the new build home

​One of the largest projects we have undertaken within recent years had been a three storey, four bedrooms and three-bathroom home. While this is not a big project within itself, it was the budget restrictions that made the job larger than it was in size. When planning and undergoing any project despite the size, the most key factor into how feasible or realistic the project is overall is the budget. Without the necessary funding required to complete a project, the more difficult the project would be to complete satisfactory. That is why this specific new build was one of our more difficult, but also rewarding. With a budget that had been roughly 80% of what was required to complete, we managed to find very prudish ways to decrease the costs throughout the home itself.

One of the ways we could cut costs within the finish was by using different doors and materials from those originally requested. With permission from the customer who wanted the new home built, we instead decided to go with faux-wood doors rather than real wood. The cost-difference alone was significant, and really helped scope to the customer how large of a project he had requested in relation to the budget required. We also suggested of using different finishing’s to help cut costs. An example of this would be the tiling’s that we had been requested to order and lay. The overall bulk was not as expensive as you would consider other tile options, but there were suitable alternatives that looked very close to the original for half the price. This managed to cut us closer to the budget that was asked of us.

New Build Home financial information

​The last example of a cost-cutting method that had to be used before we could realistically complete the job is by using our labour hours much more efficiently, and asking a few favours in terms of the raw materials. The bulk of the cost would always come from either of the two, making any project easily realistic to estimate. Unfortunately, the overall size of the project meant a very large investment for both labour costs and raw materials. Using substitutes rather than the originally planned materials, the costs were cut dramatically. Using a smaller workforce designed to perform as many cross-platform jobs as possible while also working some overtime for free, we managed to hit the budget given to us. If we were less generous in terms of our labour costs, we most likely would have went over, unfortunately.

We believe that as the best builders Manchester offer, we must make some sacrifices to ensure customer satisfaction and to help improve and maintain a high level or reputation. That also means making some sacrifices we may not want to. This job was a large challenge for any builder, and to complete it within the time and budget that we had was very rewarding for us professionally. Manchester Builders & Construction take great pride in our work, and larger pride in our workforce. If you enjoyed this post or our last post regarding a property renovation in Manchester, please make sure you read our next one too!

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