New Build Homes in Manchester

The main speciality for us here at Manchester Builders is new build homes and commercial properties. Since we have so much experience with renovating homes and commercial properties, it is only natural that we have completed a significant number of home builds too. Due to the state of the economy in recent years, it has become cheaper in many circumstances to build a new home rather than purchase one, and it can become one of the most rewarding and exciting projects you will ever experience. We have built new homes and commercial properties everywhere around the Manchester, United Kingdom and surrounding areas, and have dedicated years training to do so. We have worked on projects of various sizes, from one floor to fifteen floors and have loved and excelled at every project. We build new homes in all locations in and around Manchester such as Salford, Rusholme, Moston, Droylsden, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Trafford, Stretford, Pendlebury, Failsworth, Withington and many more.

How long will the new build take?

​We have the best builders in Manchester, and here at Manchester Builders & Construction we have calculated an average price for the completion of these new build homes. The average new build home within the Manchester area should take somewhere between 6 – 8 months from the start of planning to the completion of construction on the new build home. This also includes the planning permission stages of the project itself, including the creation and double checking of said plans to ensure a viable new build. This also may cause a delay in the construction process itself, which we must also consider. We need to ensure a safe and viable new build before construction begins, and we will have to ensure all processes are as safe as possible. Our builders in Manchester also calculated that the average new build should take 7 months to ensure an efficient and safe new build. When it comes to building a new home for customers, the most important thing that we keep in mind for you and for ourselves is the amount of investments that go into the project. We are not just talking about money of course, but also the investment of time. We understand that the home is being built for generations of your family to come, and we strive to make that home perfect for you. We can work on all designs from modern and trendy to Victorian-like. We know that your new build home is to become your dream home, and we make that dream become a reality.
New build homes in Manchester
New home build Manchester

New build homes within the city of Manchester can be a very large investment for both new and old home owners, especially when considering the possible fixtures and additions that can be included within the new build itself. There are also many different sized new builds that you could also consider, with the average sized Manchester new build home costing anywhere between £5,000 - £300,000. This is based on an average, two storey new build of various sizes and rooms. This price may rise significantly higher depending on if you would like to create additional floors within your home, and there are many factors that you should also include within this average, such as the raw materials and labour costs for the project itself. This automatically increases the average price for the home, which Manchester Builders & Construction have come across multiple times.

Our builders in Manchester have planned and completed many new build homes within the city of Manchester and the surrounding areas. We have also seen a trend of increasing new builds within the area by ten-fold, and we predict the service to either steady in demand or lower slightly over the next few years. That makes the option for a new build within the Manchester area very desirable within the current period, since prices will be cheaper now than ever. For an average new build home within the Manchester area, you would realistically be looking at a £200,000 cost investment. That same investment will also be returned with profit. If you are looking for a New Build home in the Manchester area, contact Manchester Builders & Construction today.

As specialists in new build, we should also inform you that we can engage and assist in the designing of the new build home if necessary. We have done enough projects to have built an understanding for what you may or may not want to be included, and we can assist you with that if you would prefer. Please do just let us know if you need any of our help at the start of the project, and we will provide it. Otherwise, we will follow your design patterns 100%, while delivering 100% satisfaction.

If you are in need of a new build home, or would like more information, please give us a call at 01614100526​ and book a free consultation with Manchester Builders today! We service the areas of Salford, Rusholme, Moston, Droylsden, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Trafford, Stretford, Pendlebury, Failsworth, Withington and many others in Manchester!