Property Renovation in Manchester

Property Renovation in Manchester

Recently at Manchester Builders & Construction, we performed a property renovation that we were a very large fan of, and it has been one of my more favourite designs of the last few years. Manchester has some very creative people within the city, and as a fan I really try to embrace the moments where we can take inspiration from a specific project for future ideas. This property renovation was one of the most recent projects that I truly enjoyed and I would relish the opportunity to work on something similar in the future. The renovation itself was simple in terms of the construction of the project, with us for the most part going through the same processes as with any other property renovation. There are a few things I want to touch on specifically however.

Living Room Renovation

​The first part of the project I would like to touch on is the living room. The living room in terms of the property renovation was relatively the same, but there was one thing that was more uncommon. During the plumbing stages, we set up a large plumbing and filtration system between the furthest wall from the entrance (on the right) for a large aquarium. While the original plan was to use a built-in aquarium within the wall, the amount of space the filtration unit would have taken to keep the fish tank both secure and safe for the fish was too large. This is a small thing a builder loves.

For those of you with a large fish tank, you would be aware of the size of filtration units alone. They are large and if you are looking for a huge fish tank then you would be aware of how much space they can take. It is almost entire rooms, and for the better units, the whole rooms. So, we opted for a smaller tank that could be fitted into the wall without a stand, also making it easier and more practical to feed the fish and clean the tank. Per the home owner’s instructions, we also installed water-resistant LED lights both in the fish tank and outside the panes, to allow for customisation colours. This was an optional feature, but once it was installed and working, it seemed like you couldn’t have the fish tank without it. It really was impressive and beautiful.

Other parts of renovation

Another point I would like to touch on with this specific renovation is the hot tub that we placed within the deck of the back garden. Most hot tubs are placed over ground, using the general stand that comes with the tub itself. The customer wanted something different, with us installing the hot tub within the deck itself. Manchester is a very odd place to do this because of the weather for the most part not being the sunniest, so we suggested portioning part of the deck to be indoors with floor to ceiling glass windows for effect. The customer disagreed, and we went through with their instructions. Just like the fish tank, we also installed multi-coloured LED lights within the hot tub itself to be customisable. While I can only really see this being enjoyable throughout all 20 days of the summer we get, it still ended up working with the overall deck design.

The final thing I wanted to discuss is something that I am undecided on myself. The customer had us also landscape the garden during the property renovation which is normal a lot of the time. However, some customers are unaware that this is a service we provide. The issue I had with the landscaping is creating the fire-pit. The home owner originally wanted us to place wooden circular decking around the pit, which we couldn’t agree to due to fire safety concerns. So, we built a concrete slabbing around the fire-pit itself. The request we were undecided on is to place marble around the fire-pit along with the concrete. We agreed to it because customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us, but in Manchester specifically that can be very dangerous and wasteful. It’s very expensive, and the rain will make the marble very slippery and unsafe. We also thought it just didn’t fit the aesthetics of the house. As builders, we have the obligation to listen.

At Manchester Builders & Construction we provide many property renovations around Manchester. While we will add more entries, I hope you have enjoyed today’s builders blog! And if you enjoyed this builders in Manchester blog post, take a look at our previous post where we spoke about home extensions in Manchester!

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