What rooms you can build with a garage conversion

While loft conversions and extensions may be all the rage at the moment, there is one often overlooked property adaptation you can do that won’t require planning permission or cost a great deal to perform – a garage conversion!

With so many more people now choosing public transport, or car hire services over owning a car due to financial situations, fighting the climate emergency or other reasons, garages are lying on their properties entirely unused.

These garages can be turned into incredibly useful rooms due to them being a separate wing of the house usually, on the ground floor and having a separate roof. All this means the range of rooms they can be turned into can vary wildly, so your imagination can run wild as to what you want to turn yours into! Here are some of the most popular we’ve built for our clients in Manchester and the northwest however:

Home offices – As garages are usually separated from the house, but have a front-facing door, this makes them ideal spaces to build a home office, if you work from home or are building/running a startup. They can have the benefit of not being distrubed by goings-on in the house and it also enables you to take off your “at home” hat and put on your “business” hat. One of the reasons people find it so difficult working from home is because they can’t do this and would rather lounge around as sub-conciously their body wants to rest when they are at home!

Artist/photographer/recording studios – Again, with only the front facing door in a garage, you won’t be disturbed by goings-on in the house ad will be able to work in peace. We can even turn the outside wall or roof into a glass wall or ceiling if you need the natural light, or place a mirror there for dancing, acting etc. At the same time, if you’re looking to build a recording studio, we can sound-proof the room and make it acoustically durable to stop your work being ruined by outside noise!

Bedrooms – As the garage is on the ground floor, they make ideal bedrooms for children, elderly or wheelchair bound people! We can install skylights into the roof of the garage for natural light, and either open the room to the rest of the house and add a door into it for privacy, while removing the front garage door, or keep it entirely as a separate wing from the house. This also makes it a fantastic guest bedroom to rent on services like AirBnB!

These are just some of the things you can turn your garage into, and we hope we’ve given you an idea for your garage! Perhaps a man cave or lady lounge? A specific room for your hobby? Perhaps a bar for you to entertain your local neighbourhood?

No matter what you want to turn your disused garage in manchester into, we can help, so contact us now and we’ll have a free, no obligation chat!

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